Ruth Zetzsche

"... Her voice has an extensive range and is pleasantly robust and she dominates the scenic multiplicity. The ever changing tempo of her songs is almost playful ..." (East Thuringian Newspaper)

Whether songs of the romantic epoch, arias of the omnipresent topic "love and the grief of love", cantatas or Baroque mass, the repertoire of the Alto voice of Ruth Zetzsche is interesting and far reaching. Performing Schuberts “Winterreise” and a Chanson programme, specially arranged to suit her personality, this artiste is constantly outstanding.
Her warm voice, soft and round in dimension, with unusually deep resonance, she is capable of satisfying every musical expectation. The fact that her passion for music and theatre stems from her childhood explains her stage presence and the audience being in awe of her. Songs are constantly interpreted in an ever changing gesture and fine variations of musical innovation to complement her own unique style and personality.
Her busy concert engagements lead her not only to major German cities but European ones also. She also appears with various ensembles in Mexico City. In addition, when she is performing Arias and scenic programmes she is accompanied by pianists who are completely adept with her particular genre.