Radmacher & Geschwind

"...The audience is forever in awe of the professionalism and the humorous performance, both at the same time. Radmacher and Geschwind, that is music at its very best, ingenious yet authentic...

(Cologne Newspaper)

Classic meets Jazz, It is clever and refreshing the way Eckhard Radmacher (Piano) and Wilhelm Geschwind (Bass) synchronise both genres in their programmes. Radmacher concentrates initially on solo interpretations of classical works. His own piano compositions are instantly recognisable. When Classical and Jazz elements meet it is inevitably inspirational, and with the improvised air of freedom combined with depth and beauty it binds together the inner harmonising structure. The Jazz arrangements from Radmacher & Geschwind are unique. Both are too influenced by Classical to let go but conversely, too Jazz orientated to deny themselves stringent inspirations. The fact of the matter is, it is not simply a piece of work, it is a conscious recreation of historic musical tradition. Not least a statement of the musicians inner passion. Radmacher & Geschwind are united when it comes to their enthusiasm for diversity of sound, playing with openhearted joy combined with a good portion of humorous overture.